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PA daily: PA pays salaries to prisoners, released prisoners, prisoners’ families, and families of martyrs

“The number [of public employees] currently registered in the General Workers’ Office comes to approximately 175,000. Yet the total number of recipients of government salaries exceeds 200,000 – if one includes the families of the Martyrs (Shahids) and wounded, as well as the prisoners’ and released [prisoners’] pensions – it constitutes approximately 65% of the Palestinian government’s monthly expenditure.
The tax money [the PA] gets back from Israel, which represents two thirds of the Palestinian monthly income and is estimated at approximately 130 million dollars, constitutes the basis for the government’s ability to continue paying the salaries… The monthly figures published by the unity government Finance Ministry have shown that the rate of increase of the salaries of public employees accounted for approximately 48% of the government’s total expenditure in the past months. Government expenditure on salaries alone during the first seven months of this year [2014] amounted to 1.2 billion dollars out of 2.5 billion. The government’s forecast indicated that the cost of salaries for the present fiscal year will reach approximately 2.7 billion dollars – that is, 47% of the total budget, which is estimated at 4.21 billion dollars.”