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PMW documentation puts international pressure on the PA over the salaries paid to prisoners

Headline: “Karake: We are facing an Israeli-American war against the prisoners”
“Prisoners’ and Released Prisoners’ Affairs Commission Director Issa Karake said: ‘For the past five years, we have been facing war and pressure from Israel, the US and several European countries on [the issue of] the prisoners’ legal, political and social rights.’ (PMW note: PMW exposed and documented the PA’s policy of rewarding terrorists with high salaries and brought it to the attention of the US and Europe.)
He added that Israel wants us to renounce the prisoners and their families, under the slogan of ‘terrorism,’ (i.e., the prisoners are in jail for terror-related crimes) and to fall in line with aggressive racist concepts vis a vis the detainees in the occupation prisons.
In addition, he noted that Israel has been carrying out a policy of draining the prisoners of their national essence and fighting [spirit], in order to transform them into creatures without purpose or values, through diplomatic, political and economic pressure, and by means of arbitrary laws and procedures it implements against the prisoners…
He added: ‘Our prisoners are freedom fighters, prisoners of war and the vanguard of national liberation. We cannot abandon them or renounce them. To the contrary, we will act on all levels to assist them and free them, and the prisoners’ issue will remain the foundation stone of any just agreement in the region.”