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Official PA daily anticipates US defeat in Iraq, mourns Saddam's death

"A large Palestinian audience gathered in the hall "Salim Afandi" in Al Bira (North of Jerusalem) yesterday, for a memorial in honor of the murdered president, Saddam Hussein… many more 40 day [periods] will pass before the murdered, the one and only, this Shahid (Martyr) returns, unquestionably to his Iraq, as he wished: liberated and Arab… I am referring obviously to the victory of the Iraqi resistance and the defeat of the [American] occupiers and their militias.
…I saw their grief and sorrow [of the mourners], but not grief that brings frustration and desperation, but grief that encourages strength, and a cry to rebel and to resistance … All the theories and propaganda of those who should be called ‘modernists,’ about a new democratic world which has risen on the destruction of ‘the dictatorship Iraq’ … they have no credibility."

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