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Jewish paper cites PMW documentation: PA opposes war with Israel only because they would lose

Shoshana Bryen  |

U.S. abandons Kobani Kurds,
lavishes aid on Hamas

by Shoshana Bryen

Abbas and the PA engage in ongoing and vicious incitement not only against Israel, but against Jews, and look the other way when incitement results in violence... Incitement goes along with preparations for war. Fatah also claims to be producing rockets, showing Russian Television a West Bank production facility. A Palestinian journalist told RT, “The moment (Gaza) ended, the Palestinian military wings renewed military production in order to replenish the stock, which was emptied during the war.” The indispensable Palestinian Media Watch has “documented that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas himself has said a number of times that he opposes violence against Israel only because it is not currently in the Palestinian interest. He has given two main reasons for this. First, Palestinians are not prepared militarily, and second, a war would heavily damage the infrastructure in the Palestinian areas.”