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PLO official warns of “the Israeli scheme” to build the “alleged Temple” on the “ruins” of Al-Aqsa Mosque

“Dozens of activists demonstrated in downtown Ramallah yesterday [Oct. 15, 2014] to protest the occupation’s attacks on occupied Jerusalem, as part of a sit-down strike for the Holy City and [the] Al-Aqsa [Mosque] organized by the [Palestinian] National and Islamic Forces in the Ramallah district…
Wasil Abu Yusuf, Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Front and member of the PLO Executive Committee, said in a speech on behalf of the National and Islamic Forces… that the Israeli scheme regarding the Al-Aqsa Mosque includes not merely the division [of the mosque] according to time and place – which is unacceptable – but also the establishment of the alleged Temple on its ruins.”

Note: The physical division and division according to time refers to a proposed law (May 2013) being reviewed in Israeli Parliament that would allow for both Jews and Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount. The law seeks to implement separate prayer times for Muslims and Jews at the site.