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Jews from Baghdad “were expelled to ‎Palestine” by Iraqi PM

In addition to Arab leaders' responsibility ‎for hundreds of thousands of Arabs leaving ‎Israel after Israel's creation, Arab leaders ‎also expelled hundreds of thousands of ‎Jews from their homes in Arab countries. ‎The following excerpt from the PA daily ‎recounts the expulsion of Jews from Iraq.‎
‎“Not far from the [Baghdad Medical City] ‎morgue lies the ‘Al-Bataween’ ‎neighborhood, parallel to Al-Saadoun ‎Street, which was built at the beginning of ‎the last century and has become one of ‎the finest neighborhoods in the city ‎center. Most of its residents had been ‎Jews, before they were expelled to ‎Palestine at the time of [Iraqi Prime ‎Minister] Nuri Al-Said, after which it ‎acquired a Christian majority.”‎