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Hamas leader Mashaal admits Hamas kidnapped and murdered the 3 Israeli teens, and says it was justified

Interviewer: "You’ve referred to these men as “martyrs,” as heroes (i.e., the terrorist murderers). You said in the past ‎few weeks that you were unaware of the plan to kidnap and kill these kids. But it ‎sounds as though you’re saying it was perfectly appropriate to kidnap and kill three ‎teenagers. Is that correct?‎"
Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal: "The answer is clear. When this operation took place last June, I then ‎said in remarks to the media that we had no information. I could neither confirm nor ‎deny. Later on, and as the Israeli investigations have shown, it turned out that a Hamas ‎field group in the West Bank had killed those three settlers. So, this was indeed an ‎operation executed by a Hamas group. We now have specific information. [The] ‎question now is: Was this operation legitimate or not? This was a legitimate operation. ‎Why? I told you. It is the right of the lawful owners of the land in the West Bank, ‎whether they are from Hamas, or from some other group, to engage in resistance ‎against the occupiers, whether they are the Israeli military or settlers. It’s as simple as ‎that.‎"

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