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Fatah recruited its forces and calls on all Palestinians to “oppose” Israel’s “aggression” against Al-Aqsa Mosque

Official PA TV program The State of Politics hosted Fatah Revolutionary Council Secretary-General Amin Maqbul:
 “Fatah has now announced the recruitment of all its forces, having been [already] recruited [for the struggle] in the past.
Fatah has an important role… Fatah members in various places, whether inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque or in various places and neighborhoods in Jerusalem in which confrontations occur every day…Fatah pays great attention to the issues of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque; on the internal public level, it is preparing, urging and encouraging all our people and movement members to oppose this aggression, as Chairman [Mahmoud Abbas] noted in more than [one] speech. It is not enough for us to say: ‘We repulsed the settlers and the Israeli extremist fanatics from Al-Aqsa today’; we need to stand [firm] and respond to these racists day after day.’”

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