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Fatah glorifies terrorist murderer of baby: Fatah "accompanies to his wedding the heroic Martyr”

Text above image: “Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaloudi, who died as a Martyr (Shahid) on the noble soil of Jerusalem. Rest in peace, we are loyal to you.”
Text on image: “And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision." (Quran, Sura 3:169, translation Sahih International) The Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) - Silwan branch accompanies to his wedding the heroic Martyr Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaloudi, who carried out the Jerusalem operation, in which settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem were run over. Rest in peace, we are loyal to you.”
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Note: Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaloudi – On Oct. 22, 2014, Al-Shaloudi drove his car into a light-rail station in Jerusalem, killing three-month-old Israeli-American Haya Zissel-Brown and Karen Mosquera, 22, of Ecuador, and injuring 7 others. He was shot by police while attempting to flee the scene, and later died of his wounds.

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