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Algemeiner: Spike in PA incitement (exposed by PMW) led to Jerusalem violence

Dave Bender‎  |
Reports: Palestinian TV, Social Media, Press ‎
Flooded With Incitement to Violence Against Jews ‎

by Dave Bender

IDF soldier beheading Dome of the Rock.
Image: PMW
An Israeli media watchdog is charging that an official Palestinian Authority (PA) video recently aired ‎‎19 times in three days implicitly calls for taking violent measures against Israeli Jews.‎

Days after the broadcasts, in the midst of severe Arab rioting and attacks against Jews in many areas of ‎Jerusalem, a Hamas terrorist rammed a car onto a light rail station platform, killing two people, one of them ‎an infant, and wounding seven others.‎

The video clip shows PA President Mahmoud Abbas, in a speech from October 17th, calling for ‎Palestinians to prevent “in any way” Jews from going to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, according ‎to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW)…‎

However, in the video, Abbas said that the presence of Jews “defiles” the Islamic holy site and must ‎prevented “in any way.” According to PMW, “expressions like ‘in any way’ and ‘using all means’ are ‎common PA euphemisms for various degrees of violence and terror.”‎

In the video clip, Abbas proclaimed that “It’s not enough for us to say: ‘There are those carrying out Ribat” ‎‎(religious conflict / war over land claimed to be Islamic). We must all carry out Ribat in the Al-Aqsa [Mosque]. ‎It’s not enough for us to say: ‘The settlers have arrived [at the Mosque].’ They have come, and they must not ‎come to the Sanctuary (i.e., Temple Mount).‎

‎“We have to prevent them, in any way whatsoever, from entering the Sanctuary,” Abbas said. “This is our ‎Sanctuary, our Al-Aqsa and our Church [of the Holy Sepulchre]. They have no right to enter it. They have no ‎right to defile it. We must prevent them. Let us stand before them with chests bared to protect our holy ‎places,” the PA chief said, according to a broadcast aired on official PA TV between October 17 and 19…‎

Fatah FB page. Image: PMW
Additionally, Abbas’ Fatah in recent days called on its members to “all wear black clothes so that the ‎occupation forces cannot identify young people by the color of their clothes and arrest them,” ‎according to a post on the group’s Facebook page on October 25.‎

Meanwhile, the official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, joined in the hatefest, and on October 10th, published a ‎cartoon showing an Israeli soldier “beheading” the Dome of the Rock with a sword.‎

PMW also noted that PA TV has twice broadcast a documentary film on the city, which shows Jews ‎praying at the Western Wall, calling them “sin and filth.” ‎