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Fatah official: The real extremists are not IS or Al-Qaeda, but America

Op-ed by Fatah Revolutionary Council member Bakr Abu Bakr, regular columnist for official PA daily:
“[PA Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas has lit a new fire in ‘Israel’s’ front yard, Jerusalem, beginning with his statements about the youth Muhammad Abu Khdeir who was murdered, [being] burned to death, to his [Abbas’] ongoing calls to wage Ribat (i.e., religious war over land claimed to be Islamic) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This Mosque emphasizes to everyone, even to all the short-sighted, that the [sense of] belonging and connection to this city and this land rejects the lies of those who go by the Bible [claiming] the alleged Temple [existed] in Jerusalem. The ancient tribe of the Israelites never set foot in this city, and the present-day Israelis have no connection to it, except through their borrowed name. The temple they refer to – that is, the house of worship of the Arab Israelites who have since disappeared – was far away in their land, as has been noted by scientists – including Israeli archeologists, who have not found a single stone that could speak in the name of the ancient Israelis… Interestingly, every false prophet has a god like him, and the god of real extremism here was not IS, Al-Qaida, [Jabhat] Al-Nusra or the supporters of Shari’ah, but the American government – as [National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter Zbigniew] Brzezinski announced in 1977, that political Islam should be used in a way that serves US interests.”