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Fatah on attempted murder of Rabbi Glick: "We in Fatah are not ashamed to take responsibility for the heroic act"

Quds News Network website  |
On Oct. 29, 2014, Islamic Jihad member and released prisoner Mutaz Hijazi shot Rabbi Yehuda Glick at point-blank range in an attempt to assassinate him. Rabbi Glick was seriously wounded in the attack. Hijazi was killed the following day after opening fire on the Israeli policemen who came to arrest him.
Adnan Ghaith, director of the Jerusalem branch of Abbas’ Fatah movement, expressed pride in the shooting:

     “Adnan Ghaith, director of the Fatah branch in occupied Jerusalem, said: ‘What has happened and what is happening in occupied Jerusalem is the result of the atrocious actions being carried out by the Israeli occupation in the occupied city. The attempted assassination of Rabbi Glick today was merely a natural reaction to the crimes the occupation is committing against the city and its residents.’
In an exclusive interview to the Quds [News] Network, Ghaith added: ‘The Martyr (Shahid) Mutaz Hijazi, who carried out the assassination attempt, was a member of Fatah and one of its activists in [Jerusalem]. Since his release from the occupation prisons in 2012 [until his death], he participated in all the [Fatah] movement’s events, and was active in it.’ He added: ‘We in Fatah are not ashamed to take responsibility for the heroic act he carried out today, for it was a natural reaction to the occupation’s crimes against Jerusalem and its holy places.’
Ghaith continued: ‘The occupation government under Benjamin Netanyahu made a point of making accusations, [to make it seem] as though this act and those that preceded it and all the events occurring in Jerusalem were the result of [PA Chairman Mahmoud] Abbas’ call to the residents of Jerusalem to defend Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa. This policy is nothing new from the point of view of the occupation and its government, which ignores that its actions in the city against the residents of Jerusalem and the holy places are the main reason for these operations (i.e., terror attacks) which are [a right] guaranteed by international law, which guarantees the right of occupied nations to defend themselves.’ Ghaith concluded [by saying]: ‘Fatah was and remains on the frontline of resistance activity, and calls on all Palestinians to unite against the occupation.’”
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