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PA Cartoon teaches children to Defend Dome of the Rock with stones

Text: “Purification before prayer is performed with stones.”

The official Palestinian daily published a cartoon alluding to the Islamic custom of purification before prayer. In general, purification is performed with water; if there no water is available, sand is used. The cartoon shows a father handing his son a slingshot and telling him that purification before prayer is performed with stones.
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Note: This cartoon was published a few days after Mutaz Hijazi, an Islamic Jihad member and released prisoner, attempted to murder Rabbi Yehuda Glick. Rabbi Glick is the Chairman of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation that works to increase awareness of the central place the Temple Mount and the Temple hold in Jewish heritage through educational activities and by encouraging people to visit the Temple Mount. Rabbi Glick was seriously wounded in the shooting attack (Oct. 29, 2014).

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