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PA daily: Attempted killer of Rabbi Glick "is not a terrorist"

“Martyr (Shahid) Mutaz Hijazi is not a terrorist; he is the resident of a city that is still occupied, and all the international and human conventions and laws, and even the heavenly ones, allow him to resist the occupier and its extremist groups – especially those that want to obscure the identity of his city, Westernize it and take exclusive control over it in the name of faith. This is what the extremist [rabbi] Yehuda Glick tried to do in the Holy City, every stone of which expresses its Palestinian Arab identity.”

Note: Rabbi Yehuda Glick is the Chairman of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation that works to increase awareness of the central place the Temple Mount and the Temple hold in Jewish heritage through educational activities and by encouraging people to visit the Temple Mount. He is also active in the Temple Mount Faithful movement whose goal is to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount. On Oct. 29, 2014, Mutaz Hijazi, an Islamic Jihad member and released prisoner, attempted to assassinate Glick, who was seriously wounded in the attack. Hijazi was killed soon afterwards when he opened fire on an Israeli police force that was attempting to arrest him.