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Terror attacks using cars to run people over “made Israel lose sleep and sowed terror in its ranks”

“After IS, which is made up of people of various nationalities, turned into a monster that the colonialist West is waving around in order to carry out its plans, which have contributed today to an increasing hatred of Arabs and blackening of Islam’s image, the Palestinian ‘Run Over’ movement [a play on words on the Arabic word for “run over” – da’es – and the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State – Da’esh] emerged, in order to point the compass back in the right direction – toward Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and to tell everyone that Palestine and Jerusalem are the main victims, and that the process of Judaization they are undergoing is the main center of attention. The name ‘Palestinian Da’es’ was given by activists on the social network pages, who drew their inspiration from the car operations (i.e., terror attacks by car) that Palestinians have been carrying out against Israelis since last week in Jerusalem…Even though the car operations were [carried out by] individuals, they made Israel lose sleep and sowed terror in its ranks, prompting the military establishment’s decision to place concrete blocks to protect the light-rail [train] stations from car [attacks].”