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Fatah leader: Israel is massacring ‎Palestinians and killing children

Official PA TV program The State of ‎Politics hosted Fatah Central Committee ‎member Mahmoud Al-Aloul on his ‎reactions to the accusations levelled at ‎him by Benjamin Netanyahu on ‎Mahmoud Abbas’ intentional incitement to ‎violence. ‎
Fatah Central Committee member ‎Mahmoud Al-Aloul: “President Mahmoud ‎Abbas has no [other] option. First of all, ‎this is his choice and he has no other. He ‎sees his people being massacred, his ‎people’s children being killed – what does ‎he want? Indeed: President Mahmoud ‎Abbas has, on dozens of occasions, ‎openly and explicitly called on the ‎Palestinian people to defend Al-Aqsa. ‎Indeed: during the Gaza War and the war ‎in the West Bank, Hebron and Jerusalem, ‎he declared it was our responsibility to ‎defend our people. It is absolutely ‎impossible to abandon this issue. Will we ‎allow the criminal occupation to carry out ‎all its crimes against the Palestinian ‎people, and not act? [Prime Minister ‎Benjamin] Netanyahu claimed -that, as a ‎result of President Mahmoud Abbas’ ‎statements, there is violence on the ‎Palestinian side aimed against the Israeli ‎side. Is this the [only] side he [Netanyahu] ‎sees? Doesn’t he see the violence on the ‎side of the settlers and his army against ‎the Palestinian side?... Indeed: Mahmoud ‎Abbas is the President of this people and ‎the leader of its resistance, in the sense ‎that he cannot do otherwise than call on ‎the people to defend its holy places. There ‎is no international law Netanyahu and his ‎henchmen can find to prevent this. ‎Indeed, we will all oppose this, both ‎politically and on the ground.”‎