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Arafat initiated the PA practice of paying salaries to imprisoned Palestinian terrorists

Official PA TV News report on the weekly demonstration near the central headquarters of the Red Crescent in Gaza, at which families of the prisoners honored Yasser Arafat on the anniversary of his death. 

Muwaffaq Hamid of the Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Affairs: “These prisoners’ families are marking this anniversary [of Yasser Arafat’s death]. Each year, the prisoners’ families return and hold a ceremony marking the anniversary of the Martyrdom-death of the symbol and commander Yasser Arafat, out of loyalty to the prisoners and their families. For deceased Chairman Yasser Arafat, may he rest in peace, the man who founded the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs and initiated the [paying of] military salaries to every prisoner in the Israeli prisons, which suffices for the families of these prisoners to live in dignity.”