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JPost mentions PMW research exposing PA libels about Al-Aqsa Mosque

Daniel Tauber  |
For Zion's Sake:
They always have an excuse for violence

by Daniel Tauber

When the Temple Mount was temporarily closed following the shooting of Rabbi Yehuda Glick – the closure being intended to calm tensions – Abbas did not hesitate to call it a “declaration of war.” The Fatah party issued a “call to arms” to defend al Aksa, and has been encouraging Palestinian to run over Jews with their cars on Facebook.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been issuing their own inciting declarations... including calls for a “day of rage” and urging Palestinians to attack Israelis with their kitchen knives and cars.

Such declarations follow years of Palestinian leaders, including Abbas, claiming that Israel is intent on destroying al-Aksa Mosque or wresting the Temple Mount from Muslims. According to one such claim, construction on the Mughrabi Bridge was a plot to undermine the foundation of the Aksa Mosque. (The watchdog organization Palestinian Media Watch maintains an online catalog of countless such statements, going back to 1997).


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