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Palestinian recalls his father decided family should leave their village in 1948 after 14 were killed in nearby village

“The Information Ministry in the Tubas and Northern Jordan Valley district and the Popular Services Committee in the Al-Far'ah refugee camp dedicated the 31st episode of the series, ‘Memory Never Rusts’ to the history of the destroyed village of Qaqun. Abd Al-Razeq Hussein Kawzah, who is in his 80’s, recounted the details of his birthplace... He [Kawzah] continued: “In June 1948, I was herding sheep in a sorghum field, and saw smoke [rising from] near our house. When I came back home, my father told me that the Haganah (i.e., Jewish defense forces in the pre-state period had fired two shells at a village near our home, one of which killed 14 [people] and wounded 26. Soon afterwards, my father decided to leave… We left in the afternoon, and went to my aunt Amina’s in the village of Atil, where we saw people walking towards Tulkarem and [the suburb of] Shwaika. We took nothing but our blankets and bedding, but my father insisted on taking a flock of sheep.”

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