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Wife and son of terrorist are very proud of his terror attack and “Martyrdom”

Article published in Al-Asima, a bi-weekly paper distributed with the official PA daily.
Ibrahim Al-Akari was a Hamas terrorist from East Jerusalem who deliberately ran over people at a light-rail station in Jerusalem on Nov. 5, 2014, killing Jidan Assad, 38, and Shalom Aharon Badani, 17, and injuring at least 13 others. Al-Akari was shot and killed by Israeli police officers who arrived on the scene.
     “The last details of the life of Martyr (Shahid) [Ibrahim] Al-Akari are recounted by his wife, who parted from him with pride and forbearance. In an interview held at her home in the Shuafat refugee camp in north Jerusalem, she said: ‘I did not expect that Ibrahim would run over and kill soldiers (sic. – the victims were police officers and citizens, -Ed.), but the news did not surprise me. He followed the reports on the Martyrs who fell in Jerusalem over the past days and was happy for them. He loved Martyrdom (Shahada) like all Palestinians. He was passionate about his faith and homeland.’ She added: ‘Ibrahim loves Al-Aqsa and is connected to it, like all Palestinians. He is sad whenever it is invaded and desecrated, because Al-Aqsa is the country and it is existence. With its operations (i.e., terror attacks), Jerusalem is warning Israel lest it continue its policy at Al-Aqsa, and emphasizes that the resistance is everywhere.’ Regarding the day of the operation, she said: ‘He behaved as usual. He went to the mosque for the dawn prayer and came home. He watched the reports of the invasion of Al-Aqsa on TV and the social networks. The news made him bitter, and he was very saddened by the invasion and desecration of the southern mosque (i.e., the Al-Aqsa Mosque). Then he left for work and told me he wouldn’t be held up at work today, but [instead] I heard the report of his death as a Martyr…’ She said: ‘What my husband did was an honor. He did it to defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque and to emphasize the message that Al-Aqsa does not belong to them (i.e., the Jews) and that they have no right to pray inside it or enter it.’ The Martyr’s wife accused the occupation forces of murdering her husband in cold blood by shooting him directly. In addition, he was strangled and dragged by his neck. In the picture [taken] of him, there is a cable tied around his neck, in addition to a scarf. His wife confirmed that he was not wearing a scarf when he left home... His son Hamza, 13, the oldest of six brothers, will have a heavy responsibility to bear; after his father’s death as a Martyr, he behaved like a man, received those who had come to offer their condolences and arranged the chairs and the mourning tent. He said: ‘When I heard the news of my father’s death as a Martyr, I felt a lump in my throat, but I was [also] happy because he has achieved Martyrdom and his place in Paradise with the prophets.’”

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