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Fatah: Continue Arafat's "path of ‎resistance in all its forms" (i.e., including ‎violence) ‎

‎ “The Fatah organizational branch in [the ‎northern West Bank town of] Marda ‎commemorated the tenth anniversary of ‎the death of the leader Yasser Arafat, and ‎held a loyalty rally for the Martyr (Shahid) ‎in the courtyard of the Marda Girls’ High ‎School… In a speech held in the name of ‎the movement, Abd Al-Sattar Awwad, ‎Secretary of Fatah’s Salfit branch, ‎thanked those present for their ‎perseverance in commemorating this ‎anniversary, and emphasized the [need ‎to] continue the late President’s [Yasser ‎Arafat’s] path of resistance in all its forms, ‎as the right of the Palestinian people.”‎