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PA daily: Israel attempts to "Judaize and take control" of Al-Aqsa Mosque

This article was published during a period of high tension in Jerusalem. On Oct. 22 and Nov. 5, 2014, two separate terror attacks took place in which ‎Palestinians ‎drove their cars into pedestrians in Jerusalem, killing 4 and injuring dozens. In addition, on Oct. 29, 2014, Islamic Jihad member Mutaz Hijazi attempted to assassinate Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a prominent activist working to assure rights for Jews to visit and pray on the Temple Mount.
 “Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf said that [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas had been leading a fierce battle to defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the [Israeli] attempts to Judaize and take control of it, and to realize [Palestinian] freedom and independence and obtain a decision on setting a timetable for ending the occupation… Assaf added that the occupation government has lost its senses and is trying to change the existing situation at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In addition, he warned of its actions aimed at dividing the Al-Aqsa Mosque according to place and time, and of its old claims that the Al-Aqsa Mosque was built over the ruins of the ‘Temple Mount’ – a claim they have not succeeded in proving over all these years.”

Note: The physical division and division according to time refers to a proposed law (May 2013) being reviewed in Israeli Parliament that would allow for both Jews and Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount. The law seeks to implement separate prayer times for Muslims and Jews at the site.