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Palestinian cleric: How to gently beat your wife

Palestinian cleric, Dr. Ismail Nawada: "No one can deny that the wife is apt to rebel on many occasions. This is why one of the useful means is for her husband to separate from her in the bedroom. This is why [Islam experts] said: 'A husband who uses these means can control a wife's behavior.' The other issue that disgraces us is the topic of [wife] beating. First of all, the beating is not a severe beating, and as the experts in Islamic law said: 'Hit her with a handkerchief.' Some asked: 'What use is that?' Brother – it's a case of psychological treatment, and not a physical issue, to hit her. When the wife understands that her husband only raised his hand to her, she will be affected, if she is very sensitive. That is why no-one should assume he is allowed to hit his wife with a stick, to make her bleed, or to hit her in the face. This is only a sign: 'Wife, you need hitting. Don't necessitate [this] again.'"

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