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Abbas condemns synagogue terror attack, but his advisor and Fatah glorify it

On Nov. 18, 2014, two Arab terrorists, Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal from East Jerusalem, ‎entered a synagogue in Jerusalem and attacked worshippers with guns, knives and axes, killing 4 ‎worshippers and a police officer. The terrorists were killed in an exchange of fire with Israeli ‎Security Forces that arrived on the scene. ‎
Abbas’ office condemned the attack, whereas his advisor Sutlan Abu Al-Einein and Fatah chose to glorify it. ‎The following is the condemnation issued by Abbas’ office:‎

‎"The President's [Abbas'] Office has always condemned the murder of citizens on any side, and ‎today, it condemns the murder of the worshippers in the synagogue in West Jerusalem. In addition, ‎it condemns all acts of violence regardless of their source, and demands an end to the invasions of ‎the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the provocations of the settlers, and the incitement on the part of several ‎Israeli ministers.‎
In addition, the President's Office emphasizes that the time has come to end the occupation and ‎eliminate the causes of the tension and violence. We emphasize our commitment to a just solution ‎based on the two-state solution, in keeping with the resolutions of the international institutions, and ‎to preserving the atmosphere of calm and the understandings reached with [Jordanian] King ‎Abdallah II and with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Amman [in November 2014]." ‎
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