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IPT institute quotes PMW extensively on PA incitement that led to recent terror surge

Palestinian Incitement, Attacks, Glorification

IPT News, Nov. 18, 2014‎

Recent Examples of Palestinian Authority/Fatah Incitement to Violence

In light of increasing terrorist attacks, Netanyahu has repeatedly accused the PA and Hamas of ‎inciting violence against Israeli citizens. The following section outlines key examples of Palestinian ‎Authority and Fatah sanctioned incitement to violence and glorification of terrorism in recent weeks:‎
  •  After the shooting of Rabbi Yehuda Glick, Abbas sent a condolence letter to the family of terrorist ‎Mutaz Hijazi who was killed by Israeli authorities in a firefight during a raid for his capture. In the ‎letter, Abbas called the terrorist a "Shahid," a martyr who "rose to Heaven while defending our ‎people's rights and holy places," according to PMW.‎
  • A senior Fatah official claimed responsibility for the attempted assassination. Adnan Ghaith, director ‎of the Fatah branch in Jerusalem, admitted that the terrorist was a Fatah operative and was proud of ‎his actions, according to an exclusive interview to the Quds [News] Network translated by PMW. "The Martyr (Shahid) Mutaz Hijazi, who carried out the assassination attempt, was a member of ‎Fatah and one of its activities in [Jerusalem]. Since his release from the occupation prisons in 2012 ‎‎[until his death], he participated in all the [Fatah] movement's events, and was active in it," Ghaith ‎said. "We in Fatah are not ashamed to take responsibility for the heroic act he carried out today, for ‎it was a natural reaction to the occupation's crimes against Jerusalem and its holy places."‎
  • Abbas adviser and Fatah Central Committee member, Sultan Abu Al-Einein, also praised the ‎terrorist on his Facebook page. "Your bullets were a beacon [on] a path that had become dark, the ‎light of which will continue to shine for years to come," Sultan wrote on November 3. Al-Einein also ‎praised the terrorist who killed three-month-old American Israeli Haya Zissel-Brown and injured ‎eight others following the terrorist attack. Al-Einein, Abbas' adviser, referred to the terrorist as a ‎‎"heroic Martyr" on his official Facebook page, PMW reported.‎
  • Abbas' Fatah movement also praised the terrorist by posting an obituary on its official Facebook ‎page, also referring to the killer as a "heroic Martyr" and portraying his death as "his wedding." The ‎‎"wedding" reference relates to the Islamic belief that Martyrs for Allah are married to 72 virgins in ‎the afterlife. Mahmoud Al-Aloul, a member of Fatah Central Committee, also re-posted the ‎glorification on his personal Facebook account. Al-Einein's past glorification of terrorists led five ‎U.S. Congress members to demand that Abbas fire his adviser and condemn this sentiment, to no ‎avail.‎
  • Fatah's official Facebook page explicitly encourages Palestinians to conduct similar vehicular attacks ‎on Israelis. On November 6, Fatah's main page featured a cartoon referring to "the run over ‎organization" (a play on words for the Arabic word for "run over" – da'es and the Arabic acronym for ‎the Islamic State terrorist group based in Iraq and Syria –Da'esh), according to the PMW. The ‎cartoon urges Palestinians to "Hit the gas at 199 [km/h] for Al-Aqsa." Fatah advocated for the "run ‎over" term to proliferate into a new popular hashtag (#Da'es) on social media, in an effort for the ‎phrase to be adopted by social media users and the terrorist action carried out. Another official ‎Fatah post calls for Palestinians to "Run over, friend, run over the foreign settler!", referring to any ‎Israeli citizen.‎
  • Palestinian Authority TV broadcasted a video of Mahmoud Abbas' calling for Palestinian to prevent ‎Jews from going to the Temple Mount compound "in any way," according to PMW. The video was ‎shown 19 times in three days, playing a clip of Abbas' October 17 speech, which implicitly calls for ‎Palestinians to use violence against Israelis.‎
  • In the same week, a terrorist killed a three-month old American-Israeli girl and a young Ecuadorian ‎woman while hundreds of Palestinians participated in violent riots. Click here to view the PA video clip. By incorporating phrases such as "in any way" and "using all ‎means," the PA is explicitly calling for violence and terrorism.‎
  • The incitement has been so blatant that it elicited a response from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, ‎which called on President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and other political and religious ‎leaders to condemn Abbas' incitement against Jews visiting their own holy places.‎
  • The National Security Forces of the Palestinian Authority posted a cartoon depicting an Israeli ‎soldier about to rape the Al-Aqsa Mosque, portrayed as a female in prison, according to PMW. The ‎cartoon woman is crying in a jail cell as the Israeli soldier is preparing to remove his pants outside ‎the cell. The soldier is depicted as saying: "Come on, sweetheart." The text of the cartoon reads: ‎‎"Daily cartoon: Al-Aqsa is being raped."‎
  • Two cartoons printed in Abbas' official Palestinian Authority daily, Al-Hayah Al-Jadida, entice ‎Palestinians to strike Israelis with stones, according to PMW. One cartoon depicts a father and son ‎at the entrance to the Dome of the Rock as the father gives his son a slingshot as the text reads: ‎‎"Purification before Prayer is performed with stones."‎
  • On October 30, Fatah officially declared the next day to be a "Day of Rage," calling on Palestinian ‎‎"fighters" to engage Israelis in Jerusalem, according an official PA news agency report, WAFA, ‎translated by Palestinian Media Watch.‎