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Abbas' advisor: Israel is attempting to start a “religious war” that will spread and “endanger world peace”

     “Mahmoud Al-Habbash, the Supreme Shari’ah Judge and the President’s [Mahmoud Abbas’] advisor on religious and Islamic affairs, warned of the occupation government’s attempts to draw the region into a religious war, the inherent danger of which would spread beyond the borders of the State of Palestine. In an interview with Mawtiny Radio yesterday [Nov. 18, 2014] Al-Habbash said: ‘The danger [inherent] in a religious war would not be confined to Palestine’s borders. If [such a war] erupts, Heaven forbid, it will be waged between all Palestinians and Jews around the world.’ He emphasized that a religious war would endanger world peace.
Regarding the murder of Martyr (Shahid) Yussuf Al-Ramouni, perpetrated by settlers on Sunday evening, Al-Habbash [Supreme Shari’ah Judge and Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor] said: ‘This is an abominable murder, contrary to basic Islamic values and monotheistic laws.’ He called on the occupation government to bring the murderers to justice, emphasizing that their trials must take place in fair courts, not in its [Israel’s] own courts. He explained: ‘We will not allow the hangman to be the judge as well, and the occupation government must bear responsibility for this crime.’”

Note: Yussuf Al-Ramouni – Arab bus driver from East Jerusalem who was found hanged at a bus terminal in Jerusalem on Nov. 16, 2014. Although an autopsy performed by the Israeli Abu Kabir Forensic Institute and a pathologist chosen by the family of Al-Ramouni revealed no signs of violence, Palestinian media immediately presented the incident as a murder perpetrated by Jewish settlers.

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