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PLO official warns of Israel’s plans “to Judaize the holy city"

This article was published during a period of high tension in Jerusalem. On Oct. 22 and Nov. 5, 2014, two separate terror attacks took place in which ‎Palestinians ‎drove their cars into pedestrians in Jerusalem, killing 4 and injuring dozens. On Oct. 29, 2014, Islamic Jihad member Mutaz Hijazi attempted to assassinate Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a prominent activist working to assure rights for Jews to visit and pray on the Temple Mount. On Nov. 18, 2014, two Palestinians entered a synagogue in Jerusalem and attacked worshippers with guns, knives and axes, killing 4 worshippers and a police officer.
 “PLO Executive Committee Member and Head of the Department for Jerusalem Affairs Ahmed Qurei ‘Abu Alaa’ met with Egyptian consul Hammam Abu Zaid yesterday [Nov. 18, 2014]. During the meeting, Qurei summarized the Israeli violations and attacks in Jerusalem, especially the events at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Invasions and systematic daily violations by settlers and extremist Jews are increasing [in frequency] – an issue which requires an international defense of Jerusalem, its residents, and its holy places from the Israeli aggression and [Israel’s] plans to Judaize the Holy City. Qurei emphasized the importance of coming out against the ceaseless Israeli aggression against Jerusalem and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque. He called on the Arab and Islamic nation to stop the serious dangers threatening Jerusalem and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.”