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"Incitement continues" - as reported by PMW

Nadav Shragai  |

Terrorism with an Israeli ID card

by Nadav Shragai

The incitement continues. Nan Jacques Zilberdik and Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch reported this week that in recent weeks Mahmoud al-Habash, Mahmoud Abbas' adviser on religious affairs, has adopted the terminology and religious belief of Hamas, which portrays peace with Israel as a violation of Islamic law.

A video on the Palestinian Media Watch website shows Al-Habash saying on official Palestinian television that according to sharia, the system of Islamic religious law, "All of Al-Aqsa mosque, including its plazas, stone benches, prayer niches and walls, -- all these are waqf to us [an inalienable religious trust in Islamic law]. All this is waqf and kharaj land [land belonging to Muslims], and no one may ever sell it or negotiate over it or forfeit it. It is ours and will remain ours. The occupation is the one that will leave." It should be noted that Al-Habash spoke almost entirely in the language of Hamas, which defines all of Palestinian land as waqf in Article 11 of its charter.

To this we should add the statements that several high-ranking Palestinian Authority officials made after the massacre in the Har Nof synagogue this week. Although Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack, his adviser, Sultan Abu al-Aynayn, quickly praised it as a "heroic act," called the terrorists "martyrs" and posted disturbing photographs of the puddles of blood and the victims' bodies on his Facebook page. Jamal Tirawi, Fatah's spokesman, issued a statement in the name of the Fatah faction of the Palestinian Legislative Council that the party "gave its blessing to the action in Jerusalem ... gave its blessing to the martyrdom-seeking action in Jerusalem and escorted the martyrs of the Abu Jamal family [referring to the two men who perpetrated the attack] to Paradise."

Fatah, the movement that Mahmoud Abbas heads, hurried to celebrate the massacre. On its Facebook page, it reported the "distribution of sweets in the cities of the West Bank out of joy over the action in Jerusalem, which was done in retaliation for the execution of the martyr Yusef al-Rumani [the bus driver who was found dead, and whose death was ruled a suicide after the autopsy] and in response to the violations in the Al-Aqsa Mosque."