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PA daily praises Palestinians carrying out Ribat in Jerusalem

The Fatah Advisory Council held a meeting on Nov. 23, 2014, during a period of high ‎tension in Jerusalem. In the months of October and November alone, six terror attacks ‎took place that claimed the lives of 11 (see note for details). The Fatah council referred ‎the terrorists who were killed in these attacks with the term of highest honor, “Shahids” ‎‎– Martyrs and praised Palestinians who are carrying out Ribat (religious conflict/war ‎over land claimed to be Islamic) in Jerusalem:‎
     “The Fatah Advisory Council concluded its eighth session yesterday [Nov. 23, 2014]. ‎The session lasted two days, November 22-23, and was held in the [PA] Presidential ‎Headquarters in Ramallah under the heading ‘Session of the Martyrs of the Homeland, ‎the Martyrs of Jerusalem and the Martyrs of Al-Aqsa – the Martyrs’ Session of the Fatah ‎Advisory Council.’… The President [Mahmoud Abbas] said that it was our people’s ‎moral, national and religious right to defend Al-Aqsa and the Islamic and Christian holy ‎places by opposing these thieving attackers, behind whom stands the Netanyahu ‎government… ‎The President [Mahmoud Abbas] added: ‘I salute our people that stand resolute in ‎defense of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, and say to them: “We are all willing to sacrifice ‎ourselves for Al-Aqsa; we are all willing to sacrifice ourselves for Jerusalem.”’…‎
The Fatah Advisory Council saluted the heroic mass uprising and the brave spirit ‎‎[with] which [it] is confronting, with chest bared, the settlement attack on ‎Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In addition, it [the Council] said that our youth, ‎women and men in Jerusalem prove they are carrying out Ribat (religious conflict/war ‎over land claimed to be Islamic) in Jerusalem and its environs until Judgment Day… ‎
The Fatah Advisory Council demanded that funds be urgently allocated for the ‎families that sacrificed the Martyrs (Shahids) of liberty (i.e., the terrorists from ‎Jerusalem) whose homes have been destroyed by the Israeli occupier. In addition, ‎‎[the Council] said they were, more than anyone else, entitled to our support, aid and ‎unwavering solidarity, given that they are standing resolute for our future in Palestine, ‎this historic homeland, besides which we have no other homeland.”‎
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Note: Regarding the funds to be given to families of “Martyrs whose homes have been ‎destroyed,” it should be noted that the only homes destroyed belonged to murderers of ‎civilians.
 List of terror attacks that took place in October and November 2014:‎
Oct. 22, 2014: A Palestinian drove his car into pedestrians in Jerusalem, killing 2.‎
Oct. 29, 2014: An Islamic Jihad member attempted to assassinate Rabbi Yehuda Glick, ‎a prominent activist working to assure rights for Jews to visit and pray on the Temple ‎Mount.‎
Nov. 5, 2014: A Palestinian drove his car into pedestrians in Jerusalem, killing 2.‎
Nov. 10, 2014: A Palestinian stabbed and killed a soldier at a Tel Aviv train station. On ‎the same day, a Palestinian armed with a knife attacked a group of Israelis at a bus ‎stop in the West Bank, killing one. ‎
Nov. 18, 2014: Two Palestinian terrorists attacked worshippers in a synagogue in ‎Jerusalem with knives, cleavers, and guns, killing 5. ‎

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