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Jewish Temple never existed and Jews never had any connection with the land of Israel

Op-ed by Fatah Revolutionary Council member Bakr Abu Bakr, regular columnist for official PA daily
“If we as Palestinians, Arab and Muslims, do not disown the historic myths [prevalent] among us that is, the false Biblical stories about Jerusalem – what they call the ‘People of Israel,’ the house of worship or the Temple, and about their [past] presence on our Arab land in Palestine – then what can we expect the result to be? The myths about the redeeming prophet (and there is no prophet after Muhammad, peace be upon Him) [all parenthesis in source] will naturally prevail, as will the myths that the Israelis (the Jews living in the State of ‘Israel’ today, whose origins can be traced to the Khazars, Russians, Ukrainians and Europeans, and who borrowed their name from an extinct Yemenite tribe) have a ‘country’ and that they were a ‘nation,’ and that the Temple – which actually never existed anywhere in the area – was situated at the site of Al-Aqsa, surrounding it or at a distance of 20 to 200 kilometers from it.
The political, diplomatic, legal, or even the military struggle or the [struggle] on the ground, are not sufficient to refute the narrative that has been perfectly constructed since the 19th century by imperialism and its ambitions, in cooperation with the Zionist mentality of darkness, extremism and racism… and we are the first to have been convinced by them, while we merely argue over tiny details! For example: ‘Yes, they have been here (in Palestine) – but not for long’ or ‘Yes, they had princedoms or kingdoms, but not like these!’ And the evident truth now is that they were never here, and that even those who are here now, who are different, and the ancient ones, whose stories are documented in books, were never [present] in this Arab and Islamic land.”