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Prisoners’ Affairs Commission Director confirms Palestinian prisoners get degrees in prison

“Prisoners and Released [Prisoners’] Affairs Commission director Issa Karake said today, Wednesday [Nov. 26, 2014], that the results of the matriculation exams taken by the prisoners, who are subject to the regulations of the matriculation exams for 2014, were ready, and would be announced next Sunday. In a statement to the press, Karake said that 631 prisoners had taken the exams, of whom 407 had passed, while the number of prisoners who had failed to complete certain materials came to 224… In addition, he noted that, for the first time since 2009, the prisoners were able to take the matriculation exams, after the occupation had stopped the prisoners’ high-school and university studies in the prisons. Karake said that special study committees trained by the prisoners had supervised the exams, according to the curriculum and guidelines established by the Ministry of Education, and that this was greatly appreciated by the prisoners.”

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