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Reem clip

JON SCOTT: That's a video being broadcast to the Palestinians on Hamas TV. Now it's just a dramatization but the message is real. It's of children as young as 4-years-old being used to glorify suicide and homicide bombings. Steve Emerson is a counterterrorism analyst and author of "American Jihad, the terrorists living among us." Steve I do not know if viewers got a sense of what is going on in that clip. A little girl comes into her mother's bedroom and the mother tries to hide something turns out it's a bomb and the little girl finds out later that the mother blew herself up and then says you did a great thing. I want to do the same thing. How sick is that?

STEVE EMERSON: Unfortunately it is quite ramped throughout Palestinian society but also within large sections of Arab society, within Syria, Iran, even within Egypt. There is an attitude that they love death more than we love life and thereby infecting them with this attitude that being a martyr is something that they look up to. When I hear a Congressman calling for constructive dialogue with countries that laude suicide bombings, I sort of shake my head and say what are they talking about? If a society lauds suicide bombings, what is there to talk about? I wait for the day that imams and clerics are going to condemn this. That is the only way to eradicate this suicide bombing theology. I have not heard one major cleric in any Arab country or one major Islamic leader in the United States alone condemn this.

SCOTT: There are a lot of people who say the big problem is that the United States always takes Israel's side, always supports Israel despite the aid that we do give Palestinians.

EMERSON: They will say that the United States takes Israel's side even if Israel controls only one inch of Tel Aviv. The fact that Israel exists in their mind means that the United States is biased. They want to see Israel eradicated and the only way they can explain Israel's existence is by explaining the American position is bias. They want to see Israel eradicated. There is no doubt about that. Polls show that up to 70% of Palestinians view armed resistance, i.e. terrorism as acceptable. And in other parts of the Arab world, up to 80-90% view suicide bombings as acceptable. The only way it will stop from the media from the text books from the clerical establishments is to see it eradicated and to see it delegitimized by the clerical establishment. That is not happening. And it's not happening in the United States either.

SCOTT: Obviously still working on poisoning some minds over there. Thank you.