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Girl on PA TV: “My toys are the stone ‎and rifle”‎

Official PA TV program The Best Home ‎broadcast a young girl singing a song ‎entitled “I am a Palestinian child”‎:

Girl: ‎‎“I am a Palestinian child; ‎
My childhood – between stone and fire.‎
I grew up among bombs and destruction.‎
My toys are the stone and rifle.‎

My drawing is my ruined home.‎
My book is the number of Martyrs ‎‎(Shahids).‎
My school is behind the wall.‎
My colors are my country’s flag:‎
‎ ‎
Red is the blood of the Martyr.‎
Green is our renewed hope.‎
Black is mourning for Palestine
White is victory over the usurpers.‎

Ask not where my childhood is,‎
For it lies buried beneath ruins and ‎ashes.”‎

Official PA TV host: “My sweetie. These ‎words are full of meaning.”‎