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Britain and US helped with the ‎establishment of Israel via “immoral ‎policies that are contrary to all… human ‎rights”‎

Op-ed by Ahmed Saif, columnist for official ‎PA daily:‎
‎     “Sixty seven years ago yesterday, the UN ‎General Assembly approved a decision to ‎partition Palestine into a Palestinian state ‎and a Jewish state, to grant special ‎international status to Jerusalem, and to ‎establish economic union between the ‎states…‎

Britain allowed approximately 400,000 ‎Jews to settle in Palestine, and paved the ‎way for the establishment of the State of ‎Israel. Instead of safeguarding the ‎independence of Palestine – and what is ‎more, instead of carrying out the partition ‎and setting up an international committee ‎to oversee it – it forged an alliance with ‎Zionism, and announced its withdrawal, ‎leaving behind the armed and trained ‎Zionist gangs, which numbered 62,000 ‎men and were aided by 14,000 British ‎policemen, to carry out Plan Dalet in April ‎‎[1948], a few weeks before the Nakba (i.e., ‎‎‘the catastrophe,’ Palestinian term for the ‎establishment of the State of Israel), with ‎the aim of occupying and uprooting the ‎Palestinian towns and villages… ‎According to the historians, what ‎happened was that Washington, with the ‎excuse of the holiday of Thanksgiving, ‎succeeded in coordinating with the ‎leaders of the Zionist movement the ‎postponement of the vote by three days, ‎during which it succeeded in convincing ‎Liberia and the Philippines to support ‎partition, in order to gain two thirds of the ‎vote. According to the former US defense ‎minister, the means employed by the ‎West, especially Washington, were ‎disgraceful, immoral and scandalous. ‎
Truman evaded the promises made by ‎Washington and its agreements with the ‎Arabs, out of a lust for the Jews’ money ‎and support of him in the elections…‎

Britain prepared everything for the ‎establishment of the State of Israel, and ‎the Zionist movement came to an ‎agreement with President Truman ‎regarding the recognition of Israel, in the ‎event that it declared its establishment, as ‎indeed happened ten minutes later. [Thus ‎began] a new chapter in which the ‎Zionist lobby took over the reins of US ‎policy-making on the Palestinian issue ‎and the Middle East in general. ‎

Washington, with the aid of its special ally ‎Britain, took upon itself to finance the ‎establishment of Israel, with money and ‎through the adoption of a Middle East ‎policy whose strategic aim was to defend ‎Israel. This involved the adoption of ‎immoral policies that are contrary to all ‎democratic claims and human rights, and ‎implied the continuation of the Palestinian ‎Nakba and the institution of regimes and ‎rulers that would conform to these ‎policies… Sixty-seven years later, under ‎‎[Benjamin] Netanyahu, the most ‘loyal’ ‎‎[adherent] to the traditions of the racist ‎terrorist Zionist movement, the partition ‎proposal has become an unbearable pest ‎and resounding moral scandal.”‎