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Fatah official: Stabbing attack “was a natural response,” Netanyahu gets votes with “the blood of the Palestinian people”

“Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Einein condemned the occupation’s destruction of 20 buildings in the Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem. He said that the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, had chosen to launch his election campaign with an additional escalation in the Holy City… He emphasized that Israel and its settlers would not obtain security with aggression, for our nation has grown tired of the language of restraint, and has reached boiling point, especially in view of [Israel’s] shutting of the political horizon.
He said that Israel has closed every political window [of opportunity] on the two-state solution, and that our nation has many options. He also noted that the stabbing operation (i.e., attack) at the Rami Levy [supermarket] yesterday [Dec. 3, 2014] was a natural response to the Israeli policy of oppression against our people… At the end of his statement, Abu Al-Einein said that Israel was increasingly drawing the region toward violence and this policy would only encounter a similar [policy on the Palestinian side].
Abu Al-Einein warned that Netanyahu was deliberately using Jerusalem, the blood of the Palestinian people, the construction of settlements and cold-blooded murder as a ballot box, and called on the Palestinian people to forget their [factional] rifts and join the effort to fight the Israeli occupation’s racist policy.”

Note: Ramy Levy stabbing attack – On Dec. 3, 2014, a 16-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank town of Al-Azariya stabbed two shoppers at a Ramy Levy supermarket in Mishor Adumim east of Jerusalem. The victims sustained moderate injuries. The terrorist was shot in the leg and arrested, along with two Palestinian men who had accompanied him.

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