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77% of Palestinians support rocket launchings from Gaza at Israel, 62% support applying Hamas’ approach to the West Bank

"An overwhelming majority of 77% supports the launching of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel if the siege and blockade are not ended.
The public is divided over the most effective means of ending occupation and building a Palestinian state: 42% believe that armed confrontation is the most effective means; 26% believe negotiation is the best means, and 28% believe that popular non-violent resistance is the most effective route to statehood. Three months ago, 44% said armed confrontations were the most effective means while 29% selected negotiations, and 23% selected popular non-violent resistance.
A majority of 79% favors Hamas way of resisting occupation… 62% favor the transfer of Hamas’ armed approach to the West Bank and 36% oppose that.”

Note: The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip conducted this poll Dec. 3 – 6, 2014, following a period of high tension in Jerusalem in October and November 2014 that included riots in Palestinian areas and numerous terror attacks against Israelis.

Click to view the full poll in PDF or click to view the poll onPSR's website.