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Fox News Report on Hamas TV Dramatization of Reem Riyashi's Daughter

Fox News reports on a Hamas TV dramatization exposed by Palestinian ‎Media Watch in which female suicide terrorist Reem Riyashi’s four-year old ‎daughter unknowingly watches her mother prepare for a suicide bombing. ‎When the daughter hears of her mother’s attack, she vows to follow in her ‎mother’s footsteps. Reem Riyashi killed four Israelis in a suicide bombing in ‎‎2004.‎ The reporter discusses the disturbing Hamas trend of promoting violence ‎and suicide bombing to young children.‎

TV anchorman: “Meet the next generation of suicide bombers. She’s just four ‎years old and praising her mother as she goes out to blow herself up. It is all ‎a reenactment made for Hamas TV. The preschool-aged little girl watching ‎mom strap on a bomb belt, then singing about how she wants to follow in her ‎murderous footsteps.
Laura Ingle live tonight in the New York newsroom. Laura.”

Laura Ingle: “Well U.S. military experts are calling a new music video ‎promoting terrorist tots both alarming and heartbreaking. Suicide bombers ‎who blow up the innocent are encouraging and instructing the most ‎innocent of their society to do the same. As we take a look at this video, the ‎new video being shown on Al-Aqsa TV, the official broadcast station of the ‎new Palestinian prime minister, shows a reenactment of Reem Salah Al-‎Riyashi’s last days alive as she walks around her house getting ready for her ‎day. She looks like she’s ready to go to work and maybe into town, but what ‎she’s really doing is suiting up to detonate herself and others at a Gaza ‎border crossing. The little girl in this reenactment follows her mother around ‎singing asking if the hidden explosives under her robe are maybe a present ‎for her. Later, after her mother blows herself up, the little girl actress opens ‎up a drawer to find sticks of dynamite and says ‘I will follow mommy in her ‎footsteps.’”

Col. David Hunt (ret) – Military analyst: “It’s disheartening and shows the ‎level of brutality and terror and horror that one people will do to another. It’s ‎absolutely disgusting.”

Laura Ingle: “Members of the Anti-Defamation League say militant Hamas ‎has glorified suicide bombers before but the new startling images of children ‎handling guns, explosives and singing about becoming future suicide ‎bombers seems to be an all new low. And there’s more. According to ‎published reports, the real four year old daughter of this woman recently ‎gave a TV interview saying that her mother is in Paradise. The little girl is ‎apparently all too willing to follow in her footsteps.”‎
‎[Fox News, March 21, 2007]‎

Click on the following link to view the Hamas TV clip: ‎‎

Click on the following link to view an interview with Reem Riyashi’s children ‎on a Hamas TV children’s program:‎

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