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PA daily columnist praises terror attack killing 6 Israeli soldiers

Op-ed by Hafez Al-Barghouti, former editor in chief, now regular columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
“So that we may never forget the pure days of struggle and the first popular uprising against the occupation in the first Intifada (i.e., the first Palestinian wave of violence against Israel) in 1987, we must remember those who directly influenced its outbreak… In addition, we will never forget the military operations carried out by the [Islamic] Jihad in Gaza, for they strengthened people’s enthusiasm and opened their eyes to the need for resistance, even as the world ignored this occupation, against the backdrop of the visits of US envoy Richard Murphy, who did nothing. In addition, [we will never forget] the Glider Operation (i.e., terror attack in 1987 in which terrorists entered Israel from Lebanon by way of hang gliders and killed 6 Israeli soldiers) over the Lebanese border, carried out by the General Command [of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine]. This was a quality operation that aroused the astonishment of everyone at the fact that the Palestinian had succeeded in reaching his homeland, even though its borders were closed.”

Note: Night of the Gliders – terror attack carried out by the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine on Nov. 25, 1987. In the attack, two terrorists infiltrated Israel from Lebanon using hang gliders, killing 6 Israeli soldiers.