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Fatah official: Ziad Abu Ein was ‎‎“assassinated and murdered in cold ‎blood”‎

‎“Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq ‎Tirawi said that Abu Ein had been ‎assassinated and murdered in cold ‎blood. He added: ‘Our entire people and its ‎leadership are potential Martyrs (Shahids) in ‎resisting the occupation, and the [current] ‎stage demands that we all form a unified ‎rank against it. This is our destiny, and we ‎must therefore strengthen our unity against ‎the occupation. Our response will be more ‎resistance in all the popular, national and ‎international forums, using all forms of ‎popular resistance.’‎ [...] The [PA] Ministry of Information called Abu ‎Ein’s assassination ‘a barbaric crime and ‎state terrorism,’ testifying to the history of a ‎criminal [security] establishment that excels ‎in claiming numerous victims from among ‎the Palestinian people, proving its lust for ‎the blood of innocent people.”‎

Note: Ziad Abu Ein - Fatah Revolutionary Council member and head of the PA Committee to Resist Settlements and the Wall. Abu Ein died on Dec. 10, 2014 at ‎a demonstration in the West Bank that ‎turned violent. Immediately following his ‎death, PA and Fatah leaders claimed that ‎Abu Ein was murdered. Footage from the ‎event shows Abu Ein in an altercation with ‎an Israeli soldier who grabbed Abu Ein by ‎the neck, and later shows Abu Ein on the ground clutching his chest in pain. The ‎autopsy, which was overseen by Israeli and ‎Palestinian pathologists, revealed that the ‎cause of death was a heart attack, but ‎disagreement remains over the extent to which the altercation with Israeli forces may have caused ‎the heart attack. Palestinians have ‎continued to describe Abu Ein's death as a ‎‎"murder" and "assassination" by Israel.‎