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PFLP proud of Palestinians' “willingness to carry out resistance in all its forms” (i.e., including violence)

“Today was the 47th anniversary of the launch of the Popular Front [for the Liberation of Palestine], as well as the 27th anniversary of the outbreak of the 1987 Intifada (i.e., the first Palestinian wave of violence against Israel, 1988-1993)… In a statement published yesterday [Dec.10, 2014], the Popular Front noted that ‘since last June, our people has been carrying out popular resistance aimed at throwing off its chains, paving an alternative popular way [to liberation] and giving vent to our nation’s firm will and boundless willingness to carry out resistance in all its forms.’”
From WAFA, official PA news agency

Note: The PFLP has planned and carried out numerous terror attacks against Israeli civilians since its founding in 1967 and throughout the Palestinian terror campaign between 2000- 2005 (the Intifada).

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