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Fatah official implies that Fatah’s real goal is for all of Israel to become “Palestine”

“Name me one thing we have given up on. Did we give up on the refugees? Did we give up on Jerusalem? Who is leading the actions in Jerusalem? Fatah and the PLO framework, irrespectively of the sizes [of the PLO factions]. Did we give up on the borders? Did we give up on our territories in the interior, from 1967 (i.e., Israel). I want to tell you something even more important. Brother Mahmoud Abbas is the president of the [Palestinian] Authority. I am a member of the Fatah Central Committee. Who told you I don’t want Jaffa and Haifa? Who will tell me that? Why, sir? First of all, the PA and Fatah are not the same thing. Brother Mahmoud Abbas is president of the PA. He talks to presidents, heads of state and others. No! I’m telling you, I want a democratic Palestinian state in which we – Muslims, Jews and Christians – will live, in all of Palestine… I want to ask those who have doubts about Yasser Arafat a question. They heard Yasser Arafat’s speeches. They heard when Yasser Arafat declared the [Palestinian] state. What did he say? Some say [he said] ‘the establishment of the Palestinian State.’ No, no. They heard the words and remembered them [wrong]. He said: ‘We announce the establishment of the State of Palestine on our Palestinian land.’ Where is the land of Palestine?”