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Racing tournament named after terror ‎leader Abu Ali Mustafa sponsored by Fatah official

‎“The fifth round of the 2014 Palestine ‎racing tournament (The Abu Ali Mustafa ‎Tournament) [parenthesis in source] has ‎ended. [The tournament] was organized ‎by the Jericho [Race] Car and Bicycle ‎Union, with the participation of 24 ‎competitors from the various districts of the ‎homeland, under the patronage of ‎‎[Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central ‎Committee, Head of the Supreme Council ‎for Sport and Youth Affairs, and] ‎Chairman of the Olympic Council Jibril ‎Rajoub, and with the support of the ‎leadership of the National Security ‎Forces.”‎

Note: Abu Ali Mustafa - General Secretary ‎of the terror organization Popular Front for ‎the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He ‎planned numerous terror attacks against ‎Israeli civilians during the Palestinian terror ‎campaign (the Intifada, 2000-2005).‎