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US leaders “still adhere to the mentality of the ‘superior white man’”

“The US is the main force responsible for protecting the balance [of power] in the world. If it falls into the trap of the Zionist project, which denies the rights of the Palestinian people to freedom and independence, it will destroy with its own hands over 200 years of American history, and will return the American people to the path, concepts and lies of the ‘invaders.’ Its military, economic and political power will be of no avail, and should its representative in the UN veto the proposed Palestinian-Arab decision to end the Israeli occupation of the land of the State of Palestine, it will not rise again – not because we intend to fight the world’s greatest power, but because this is the inexorable fate of a power that denies the rights of nations to freedom and self- definition – a power whose strategic decision-makers still adhere to the mentality of the ‘superior white man’ and the ways he can destroy the land’s original inhabitants. This is the mentality the Zionist leaders drew their concepts and teachings from, as well as the expression, ‘God’s chosen people.’”

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