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PA TV host of children’s show promotes non-violence

Official PA TV program The Best Home showed a young girl named Linda singing a song.
Song text: 

“They have burdened you with concern for the homeland;
They have wrapped you in it since you were small.
Even the day you died a Martyr (Shahid), they did not allow the procession to march.
They banned the song and the prelude, imprisoned the poet and the singer.
They forced a life of humiliation [on us]; They killed the street and the masses.
Keep standing firm; woe to you should you bow your head;
He who bows his head lives in humiliation.
Rise above glory and march; draw a machine gun on your arm;
If they stop my voice or pen, teach my songs by heart, do not forget.
If they stop the word inside the poet’s heart,
It must explode.”
Official PA TV host: “Bravo. Your voice is beautiful. You’re so talented. Bravo. But we always challenge the occupation – how? With our love of life, with our smiles, with our hope, with our search for happiness and by continuing along our path to happiness.”

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