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Government-funded Norwegian NGO funds exhibit erasing Israel from maps

Title of map: "The borders of Palestine"
The map shows the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt as the borders of "Palestine." []

Title of map:
"This is the area of Palestine"
Text on map: "27,009 square kilometers"
This figure includes all of Israel. []

Title of map: "The cities of Palestine"
The map includes the Israelis cities of Beer Sheva, Jaffa, Acre, Haifa and Safed. []

Article about the exhibit printed in the official PA daily:
     "The 'Steadfast Children' institute held a paintings exhibition titled 'This is Palestine' at the Al-Burj Al-Shamali refugee camp next to the Lebanese city of Tyre, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the 'Palestinian revolution' (i.e. "the Palestinian Revolution in 1965 when Fatah, headed by Yasser Arafat, carried out its first terror attack against Israel, trying to blow up Israel's National Water Carrier.) The exhibition, funded by the Norwegian People's Aid organization, featured brush paintings by our nation's children in Lebanon, which were consistent with the [atmosphere of the] event and the tragic situation of our people in the refugee camps in the diaspora. The exhibition also included six additional paintings - 'the rivers of Palestine', 'the mountains of Palestine', 'the plains of Palestine', 'the cities of Palestine', 'the Palestinian national anthem' and 'the borders of Palestine.'" 
From WAFA, official PA news agency 
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Note: Norwegian People's Aid lists the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) as donors for its "development cooperation in Lebanon." [] Norwegian People's Aid stated in its annual account from 2012 that it was also supported by the US State Department, USAID - US Agency for International Development, the EU and UN, the Dutch and Swedish ministries of foreign affairs, Germany and other governments, in addition to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NORAD - the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation.

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