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PLO Ambassador to India: Zionism is an "imperialistic initiative" that uses American aid to create a "Jewish ISISness"

Headline: “Between the grinding stones”
Op-ed by Adli Sadeq, PLO Ambassador to India and regular columnist for the official PA daily
 “When the occupiers began their attack against Palestine they were not religious Jews. They were seculars who used religion in order to encourage the Jewish citizens of undeveloped countries to immigrate to Palestine. It was a clear imperialistic initiative that wore a religious appearance. This initiative, in today’s reality of law-breaking Israel, began to scorn imperialism itself, and the seculars as well, and placed ’Judaism’ in the place of the alleged ‘democracy.’ And just as all of them had, at every stage, traitors who aided them, thus the American aid given to them was more than enough to take over both sides of the conflict…
Along this line, at the same time as the Arab humiliation, the appetite of broad groups of Arab society for faith in greater extremism was whetted, but not in order to confront their Jewish antithesis in Palestine, but rather in order to storm the antithesis of their ideology in every land, even if this antithesis was Islamic. Regarding Palestine, the Jewish ISISness cast its heavy shadow on Palestinian society, which does not have the means and possibility of creating its own ISIS.”