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PA TV host glorifies terrorist's "self-sacrifice operation in the occupied Interior"; Terrorist's brother states, "I`m proud of what he did"

Official PA TV program For You, on jailed terrorist Ahmad Othman Kafina from Nablus

Official PA TV host: “Our episode today is with the family of prisoner Ahmad Othman Kafina, who has been imprisoned for 9 years. The settlements that surround his village of Sawiya from every side and his observation of the injustice [of the occupation] strengthened his national zealousness, which pressed him to carry out a self-sacrifice operation (i.e., terror attack) in the occupied Interior (i.e., Palestinian term for Israel). This operation caused him to be imprisoned by those who have no mercy in their hearts.” …
Host: “Did you notice a change in him? Did you anticipate that he would carry out a self-sacrifice operation?”
Ahmad Kafina’s brother Samih Othman Kafina: “No, but at the same time I am proud of what he did. I tell you as his older brother and as his father (as an older brother he apparently views him as a son –Ed.) that I am proud of how my son is a hero and carried out this kind of resistance. I do not regret it.” …
Voiceover by host: “We will die so that the homeland will live, and we will be imprisoned in the name of freedom and in the name of the establishment of the Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem.”

Ahmad Othman Kafina – Palestinian Fatah-affiliated terrorist who murdered Israeli Kinneret Ben Shalom Hajbi, and wounded 4 others in a stabbing attack on a taxi shuttle van from Petah Tikva to Tel Aviv on Feb. 5, 2006. After boarding the van Kafina pulled out a knife and began stabbing passengers. Kafina then pursued passengers who fled the van until he was subdued by an Israeli security guard and an Israeli civilian. Under investigation Kafina said that he had come to Petah Tikva to kill Jews. Kafina is serving 1 life sentence.

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