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Girl recites antisemitic story: “Treachery has been inherent in them from the days of Moses” (2014)

Official PA TV children’s program
The Best Home
Girl: “This home was the home of our father, and the foreigners came to banish us. Long ago we were dear friends. Yona [the Jew] helped Fatima [the Arab] with the laundry and Fatima boiled milk for her, and lit the fire for her on the Sabbath. It never occurred to us to hurt them, but the truth is that after a few years they took over our land. although they never [even] walked the whole of it. Rather, they were scattered in different places, and this doesn’t tell us they have historical roots in Palestine.It does not surprise us. Treachery has been their nature from the days of Moses until today. May Allah turn back every oppressor’s scheme. Say Amen with me.”

Girl recites a poem by Mahmoud Darwish
“Write down!
I am an Arab.
You have stolen the orchards of my ancestors
And the land which I cultivated
Along with my children
And you left nothing for us
Except for these rocks.
So will the State take them
As it has been said?!
Write down on the top of the first page:
I do not hate people
Nor do I encroach
But if I become hungry
The usurper's flesh will be my food
Of my hunger
And my anger!”
PA TV host: “Bravo, you are wonderful, really talented! What do you think of this – come every once in a while and tell us a story with your beautiful style.”
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