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Official PA daily reports on discovery of "Palestinian" tomb from 1600 BCE

Headline: "The spectacular tomb structure of the 'shepherd kings' in the Palestinian museum in Jerusalem"
"In a corner of the Palestinian museum in Jerusalem, a Palestinian family preserved itself for more than 3,000 years, despite the invasions and calamities that Palestine experienced.
The subject of discussion is a tomb structure discovered in Jericho, and relocated to the museum in the 1950s…
In the 1950s Kathleen Kenyon, an archeologist characterized by great impartiality, headed the excavations at Tell es-Sultan in Jericho. Among the discoveries found were graves from the Middle Bronze Age, including the aforementioned tomb, which was dated to approximately the Hyksos period, in other words approximately 1,600 BCE, and was reassembled in the museum in the same state in which it was found."