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PA Hamas MPs advocate kidnappings of Zionist soldiers

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Former Hamas Minister of Interior in PA government, Said Siam: "There were suggestions to repeat the operations to kidnap other Israeli soldiers, because we know that the occupation understands no other language. Second, capturing the [one] soldier will not cause the liberation of over 10,000 prisoners."
Member of PA Parliament, Um Nidal (Hamas): "Disregarding the fact that I'm a member of Parliament as a Palestinian citizen, by Allah, I don't believe in any solution other than one: kidnapping Zionist soldiers."
Hamas TV reporter: "[Kidnapping] 10 Zionist soldiers - maybe fewer - will guarantee the liberation of thousands of Palestinian prisoners. A number of suggestions were brought up during the meeting of Parliament. The most prominent was the call for further kidnappings of Zionists soldiers as a solution to end prisoners' suffering."

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